The National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc,is currently run under the “Model Rules” of the Incorporations ACT in Victoria.
These rules are currently being updated do that we can operate under “Our Own Rules”.

Listed below are the proposed changes that will give us a new constitution with the amendments as suggested at our 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Just to update you all. The Victorian Model Rules (which we currently operate under) have been used as a base and to make it easier to follow, the changes are all in RED and are as follows
Page 03               Clause 02            Purposes.
Page 05               Clause 08            Who Is Eligible to be a Member.
Page 14               Clause 08            Associate Members
Page 18               Clause 51            Nominations                   
Page 18               Clause 52            Election Of President etc.
Page 20               Clause 55            Term of Office

Once this becomes official the next step is to look at our By-Laws and make adjustments that reflect the changes in the constitution.

This does not have to happen straight away, but as noted as a heads up and to advise that this process still has some work to be done.
We shall try and get some documentation on the By-Laws available for you to peruse as soon as we can

Thank you Graham Burgan, Rosalind Todd and Alan Hansford all for your work in getting this updated so quickly.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

These changes are to be ratified at a Special Meeting to be held on 24th October 2021